imc MKAS-II: Cold start data acquisition system for combustion engines

Fast and efficient cold-cranking tests

imc MKAS-II performs precise data acquisition and analysis of cold start processes and is the ideal tool for combustion engine and ECU testing applications.
Developed in cooperation with specialists at BOSCH and incorporating their extensive experience and requirements, imc MKAS-II meets the advanced demands of modern engine testing.

imc MKAS-II unites all necessary hardware components in a single compact, rugged and portable system and provides a powerful software package for extensive analysis of recorded measurement data, especially suited for this field. This facilitates detailed analysis and investigations on engine hardware and ECU software, even cylinder by cylinder.

A particular strength of imc MKAS-II lies in its ability to combine ECU evaluation with simultaneously recorded acquisition of physical sensor data and analog signals. Fully synchronized measurement and correlation of analog data, digital signals and CAN information combined with powerful and sophisticated signal analyzing capabilities, allow for deeper insight and optimization potentials in cold start processes involving both engine hardware and ECU firmware. Based on imc FAMOS, the signal analysis package of imc MKAS-II offers an optimized workflow from data import to mathematical processing, visualization and automated reporting. Specifically suited and adapted to the demands of this particular field of cold start testing, it offers the user an efficient tool to gain substantial and useful results, fast, convenient and clearly represented – adequate to achieve engineering progress in this very core domain: engine design and control.

Features and Performance

  • PC-independent operation
  • Up to 12 cylinders supported
  • CAN interface
  • 8 analog measurement channels for current/voltage/temperature acquisition
  • -20° to +60° C ambient temperature operating range
  • Integrated battery with up to 45 min autonomous operation capacity


  • Combustion engine/ ECU tuning
  • Identification of hardware problems specific to individual cylinders
  • Synchronization tuning
  • Analysis of starting processes independently of the engine control unit
  • Actuator testing

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.