Test stand for electric drivetrain

imc realizes test and simulation field for IFAM Bremen (Fraunhofer Institute)

  • Development test stand with two test stations with integrated simulation solutions for electric powertrain including components (e-mobility)
  • Extensive testing of batteries and simulation in order to exactly consider the behavior under different environmental conditions (-40 to + 140°C). The results will serve to optimize batteries in terms of capacity, performance, weight, durability, safety and size
  • Investigation and optimization of brake energy recovery
  • Characterization of endurance properties of electrical drive systems
  • Improved interaction of individual components: cross-electromechanical
  • Optimization of the complete drive train

Hardware and software tools used by imc:

  • For testing and simulation of drive train components, imc HiL is used. Data acquisition, open- and closed-loop control and simulation are combined in one system. Created in Matlab, Simulink models can be integrated directly into the imc measurement system. They run in an embedded processor in an imc measurement device (e.g., imc CRONOScompact) in real time
  • The imc STUDIO measurement software platform is serves for test stand control, data logging and analysis

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.