Measurement systems for landing flaps test stands

Aircraft manufacturer uses imc measurement devices for landing flap testing

  • High flight speeds, low landing speeds and extreme ambient temperatures require powerful flaps. Enormous actuation forces are applied. The landing flaps are driven both as electro-mechanical and hydraulic during secondary flight controls
  • A well-known aircraft manufacturer counts on measurement systems from imc for their landing flap test rig

Hardware and software tools used by imc:

  • imc CRONOScompact, a real-time, measurement, open- and closed-loop control system, recorded force, strain, temperature, angle and rotation velocity via resolver
  • For distributed measurement loads, imc CRONOSflex modules were attached directly to the landing flaps
  • Via EtherCat interfaces, imc measurement systems allow the transmission of data to the automation of the customer
  • Direct input of aircraft-specific buses such as ARINC, AFDX or MILbus
  • The visualization, recording, analysis and archiving is done with the imc STUDIO measurement software

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.