The History of imc Electric Motor Testing

The founding idea of imc is load-free testing of electric motors. And to bring this to life, in 1988 our young team had to face two major challenges:

The existing hardware and software on the market was not powerful enough to meet the demands of load-free testing for electric motors and allow the calculation of primary motor parameters in real time. So the founders immediately took it upon themselves to develop the necessary measurement hardware and software. Today imc measurement, test and control systems are among the most advanced on the market.

The second challenge was to convince customers of the innovative strength of imc’s electric motor testing concepts so that their trust was sufficient to go ahead with an investment such as in a test stand from a start-up company. This was first achieved in 1991 with company AEG, which commissioned the first-ever commercial imc test stand for load-free electric motor testing.

30 Years Expertise

Since those early years, this application field has continuously developed and grown: today, well over 200 test stands from imc are operated worldwide and at imc more than 30 engineers and technicians are involved in projecting  and commissioning new test stands or the expansion, calibration and maintenance of existing installations.

In addition to classic tasks of testing in the development as well as in serial mass production of electric motors, our portfolio has diversified significantly: From the demands of testing electric vehicle drives for e-mobility through to the modernization of test facilities for AC (BLDC) machines in order to determine energy efficiency according to DIN EN 60034-2-1, and the testing of subsystem  components such as crane wires and aircraft doors. Other examples can be found on our website under “Turnkey Test Stands”.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.