Press Release: Electric Motor Testing using the Parameter Identification Method

Squaring the Circle

From June 26 to 28, 2012, imc Meßsysteme GmbH is presenting efficient solutions for electric motor testing at the CWIEME Berlin, the world's largest specialist trade fair for manufacturers of electric motors, transformers and components.

Especially when it comes to serial production, not only extensive motor diagnosis in the end-of-line test stand plays an important role, time efficiency becomes a decisive factor. Achieving both high test speed (cycle time) and depth of inspection simultaneously would usually be mutually exclusive, because, according to the uncertainty relationship of measurement technology, a high depth of inspection with exact results assumes a long period of measurement.

With its Parameter Identification (PI) method, imc Meßsysteme GmbH has succeeded in squaring the circle. The PI method makes it possible to conduct rapid as well as complete testing and characterization of electric motors.

The advantage of the PI method becomes abundantly clear when compared with a conventional test stand in which the test object operates with a defined load (e.g. coupled with a load motor). Alone the mechanical coupling and time-consuming process of running through all operating points make conventional testing slow and economically unfeasible in serial production. The Parameter Identification method solves this problem, saving both time and money. According to the PI method, the motor being tested is subjected to the strain of its own moment of inertia. Appropriate control algorithms create the operating situations required for evaluating motor behavior.

This path to evaluating electric motors makes intelligent use of knowledge about the structure of the motor. This knowledge can be can be used to createf a model for the electrical and mechanical part of any motor and employed during testing.

The motor voltage in the PI method represents the input quantity and the motor current the output quantity of the model. Both of these quantities can be measured simply and directly during dynamic control and allow all model parameters – e.g. motor resistance, friction constants – to be determined. The static and dynamic parameters comprise a test result which allows a complete assessment of the test object. Comparison with anticipated set points forms a qualified method for end-of-line testing.

imc Meßsysteme GmbH has been engaged in the field of electric motor testing for almost 25 years and has installed numerous PI test stands. By constantly refining methods, imc has made it possible to carry out complete tests on different types of electric motors in a matter of seconds. The imc PI test stands are not only simpler but considerably more cost-effective than a conventional electric motor test stand.

imc Meßsysteme GmbH is presenting solutions for electric motor testing at STAND 3028 in HALL 2.2 from the 26th to the 28th of June 2012 at the COIL WINDING trade fair in Berlin.

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