New imc EOS MHz DAQ system for analysis of very fast processes

Berlin, 12 March 2020 –

At the SENSOR+TEST trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, imc Test & Measurement GmbH will present imc EOS, its first measurement system that operates in the megahertz range. With sampling rates of up to 4 MHz, very fast, dynamic processes can be precisely measured. A four-channel, isolated measurement amplifier allows the direct connection of voltage, current transformers and IEPE sensors for acceleration, sound or force. The areas of application are therefore quite diverse: from high-speed recorder use in blasting tests to structure-borne sound and vibration measurements, analysis of switching processes on control units or airbag and crash tests, right through to e-mobility experiments. An especially attractive feature is the possibility to operate imc EOS synchronously together with other imc measurement systems.

imc EOS is equipped with four individually galvanically isolated precision measurement amplifiers. The signal connection is either via BNC or LEMO. Voltage signals up to ±60 V, IEPE/ICP sensors such as accelerometers, microphones or force sensors can be measured. Precision current transformers are also supported. The acquired signals are digitized with 24 bits at up to 4 MHz per channel – the analog bandwidth extends to 1.7 MHz. In addition, imc EOS has a channel-specific sensor supply for feeding active sensors.

Operation & storage

The imc EOS systems can be operated independently or networked. For PC-independent data storage, the device is equipped with an onboard flash memory. Depending on the configuration, this can hold up to 1 TB of data. If the imc EOS is networked via Ethernet, real-time data transfer to a PC is just as possible as archiving on a network storage device (NAS).

imc EOS is compatible with all other imc DAQ systems and can be operated together with them synchronously in one measurement. This is of particular interest for users who already work with imc systems and want to extend their existing measurement setup with high-speed channels. Configuration and data visualization for all imc systems is done with the imc STUDIO measurement software.

Clever mechanics with click connection

The imc EOS systems are mechanically compatible with the imc CRONOSflex series. This means that users can directly click on suitable accessories from the flex family such as handles, battery-buffered UPS solutions (“power handle”) or supply modules for high-performance current transformers and current clamps. Similarly, several imc EOS systems can be combined to form a block or attached to an imc CRONOSflex system. With the imc NET-SWITCH, which can also be clicked on, a 5-port GBit network switch is also available, which enables the synchronous networking of the systems. Particularly convenient for users: complete systems that are clicked together only need to be powered centrally from a single source. This significantly reduces the cabling effort and saves space.

Application areas

Thanks to high-speed DAQ technology and universal measurement inputs, the imc EOS is particularly suitable for testing very fast processes in materials testing, vibration analysis or component testing. In addition to crash, ballistics, pyrotechnics and explosion processes, measurements on turbines or engines are typical areas of application. In the automotive sector, imc EOS can be used to investigate processes during fuel injection and ignition, to record high-frequency vibrations in engines, transmissions and chassis, or to analyze shifting processes of control units. In the e-mobility environment, the system can be used to characterize inverter-controlled electric motors.

In the future with App control

In a next step, imc EOS will be extended by an additional operating option via App. Users will be able to start and stop a measurement, or trigger and view data in real time directly from their smartphone or tablet. Even with a slow Wi-Fi connection, the App displays low-resolution overview curves as well as high-resolution trigger events.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.