imc expands its portfolio of HV measurement modules for e-mobility applications

Berlin, 12 March 2020 – imc Test & Measurement GmbH has expanded its imc CANSASflex series with new high voltage isolated measurement modules and connection boxes for reliable measurements in HV environments, especially for use on electric and hybrid vehicles.

The imc CANSAS family now offers a new four-channel measurement module “HISO-HV4” for measuring high differential voltages up to 800 V. This enables HV voltages to be acquired along the electrical drive train, for example at the battery, charging converters, power units, assemblies, cablings etc. The module supports users in analyzing charge and energy flows and optimizing efficiency. The connection is made via laboratory sockets (“banana”).

Furthermore, the HISO8 modules for high-voltage environments have been supplemented by a new device version “4L”. As a new connection variant it offers four LEMO.2P multi-connectors with two channels each – as an alternative to the small and economical, single-channel LEMO.1P types. Both versions of the module allow for high voltage safe measurements of up to eight PT100/PT1000 resistance thermometers. Thanks to their high resolution and selectable  measuring ranges from 60 V down to 50 mV, high-precision measurement of low voltages at the HV level is possible – for example, of individual battery cells or current measurement shunts.

Thus, the HISO8 module can also cover the current measurements required for power acquisition. Alternatively, isolated precision current transducers and clamps can be used. They do not require an HV measurement amplifier and can be connected to all imc measurement amplifiers. The current sensors, together with a  supply unit well suited for such transducers, are part of the imc product portfolio.

With the “HISO8-T” thermo-modules already established on the market, imc continues to offer modules for reliable and high voltage safe temperature measurement with thermocouples.

All HISO modules from imc are fully compliant with all relevant  equipment safety standards and requirements (IEC EN 61010-1/2) – safety of personel in critical high-voltage environments is thus guaranteed at all times.

As a supplier of complete solutions, imc also offers a comprehensive range of accessories for testing in high-voltage environments. In addition to HV-suitable, ready-made sensor cables,  it also comprises a new special HV connection box (HVBOX) with screw terminals. It serves as a flexible safety  interface between the measuring point and the DAQ system. This allows sensors and test object instrumentation that were not originally designed to be HV-safe to be connected to the HVBOX and thus transformation to a fully HV-specified environment.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.