A lightweight WFT for precise measurements

The new CAEMAX 6-component WFT-Cxs A wheel force transducer ideal for smaller cars and EVs

Munich, 07 October 2019

The telemetry and sensor specialist CAEMAX Technologie GmbH is expanding its product range in the field of wheel force transducers with the new WFT-Cxs. Because of its weight, the proven WFT-Cx was not an option for all applications, but now these tasks can be fulfilled by the considerably lighter WFT-Cxs variant, which is optimally suited for small cars with rims from 13 inches in size – and with almost the same strength. It simplifies the testing and measuring of load profiles, driving dynamics or braking in all applications where weight plays a decisive role. Like all other CAEMAX wheel force transducers, the WFT-Cxs can be mounted in no time at all. It has a robust design and is protected against dirt and moisture. The new CRFX/WFT-2 module provides a direct interface to the imc CRONOSflex DAQ system for further processing of the acquired data.

The proven 6-component WFT-Cx from CAEMAX Technologie GmbH is now also available for small cars with rims from 13 inches. The application scope of the WFT-Cxs is diverse: with one and the same configuration, brakes, tires and driving comfort can be tested. It is possible to perform fatigue testing on the test bench, determine load profiles on prototypes or carry out functional testing under difficult environmental conditions.

The robust housing and user-friendly handling of the wheel force transducer allows forces and moments occurring on the wheel to be measured in the X, Y and Z directions. The housing of the WFT-Cxs is shockproof up to 100 g and sealed against dirt, water and snow conforming to protection class IP66/IP67. The optimized cooling design in combination with the good heat conduction of the aluminum body prevents excessive heat input even during emergency braking. The entire signal conditioning is designed for an extended temperature range and protected against electromagnetic interference. Thanks to its modular design, the WFT-Cxs can be easily adapted to different vehicle types, wheel sizes or testing tasks and installed in the shortest possible time.

After installation, the WFT-Cxs is quickly ready for operation, as all the necessary setting and calibration values are stored in each transducer. A software function ensures the zero adjustment of one or more WFTs.  Thanks to the digital online calculation with 24 bit resolution, the signal processing in the WFT-Cxs generates dynamic measurement signals and is resilient to interference. The new imc CRFX/WFT-2 module provides a direct interface to the imc CRONOSflex DAQ system for the transmission of measurement data from the WFT. The handy module, to which two WFTs can be interfaced, transmits the measurement data digitally and interference-free. It can be connected to the DAQ system via a click-lock to save time. A total of up to three CRFX/WFT-2 modules can be connected to an imc CRONOSflex measurement system.