imc EOS Kick-off Meeting in Berlin and Frankfurt/Main with positive Feedback

Introducktion auf the new imc EOS MHz DAQ system for analysis of very fast processes

On 7 and 8 May 2020, the new imc EOS measuring system was the focus of a kick-off meeting at the imc locations Berlin and Friedrichsdorf/Ts.

Due to the applicable corona rules, the market launch took place internally. Ralf Winkelmann, Managing Director and Head of Development, and Martin Riedel, Head of Product Marketing, presented the new development in detail to the national and international sales teams and demonstrated its functionality.

With imc EOS, imc offers for the first time a measuring system that acquires highly dynamic, fast signals with up to 4 MHz, as they occur, for example, in explosion processes, switching processes of control units and electric motors. imc EOS is mechanically compatible to imc CRONOSflex, so that an already existing measuring setup can be easily extended by synchronous high-speed channels.

Kai Gilbert then pointed out important market opportunities. During the following discussion a very positive mood in the sales team about the new sales opportunities through imc EOS was shown.

Subsequently, Christian Walter gave a presentation on fiber optic measurements on e-vehicles and Peter Schreiweis on NVH measurements gave further impulses and completed the demonstration.

Read more about the new imc EOS in detail on our imc EOS product page.


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