Automotive and vehicle testing

In test drives or on the test stand — imc aims to find the most adequate measurement solutions quickly and effectively when it comes to automotive and vehicle testing.

Robust systems from imc operate reliably during test drives, even in extremely harsh environments. Having black-box functionality, PC-independence, suitability for an extended temperature range, and shock/vibration resistance — our systems are fully integrated and stand ready for road trials. Furthermore, our systems are able to precisely capture a wide range of signals received from virtually any type of sensor, have a tolerant power supply, come with convenient, simple connections and can synchronously capture field bus data, such as CAN, LIN or FlexRay. The modular construction of systems, such as the imc CRONOSflex, preserves the highest signal quality because distributed modules can be placed close to the sensor.

Test stand technology from imc is easily integrated, flexible and includes open and closed loop control capabilities.

Measurement solutions for e-mobility testing

What does the future hold for electric vehicles? How can the electric drive train be optimized? Are more powerful batteries and energy storage solutions the key to the further development of electric mobility? Finally, the battery affects the vehicle's range and costs decisively. How can the weight of vehicle components be optimized?

Measurement System for Brake Testing

The imc Brake Test System is a comprehensive test solution for those developing modern vehicle brake systems. It consists of a modular data acquisition system, including optional sensor technology and wheel telemetry, and a software package for all common brake tests.

Mobile applications

Test stand applications

ISO- & standard testing

Your benefit - our goal

  • Direct input of vehicle bus systems such as CANbus, FlexRay, LIN and other vehicle busses
  • Synchronous, multi-channel data capture
  • Extremely durable, compact hardware for road tests that don't require a PC to operate (black box functionality, extended temperature range, shock and vibration proof)
  • Decentralized, distributed measurement: effective, flexible and reliable
  • Repeatable tests
  • Quick and reliable measurement results thanks to integrated hardware and software solutions
  • Save time: Real time calculations already integrated in the measurement device
  • TEDS capability - automatic sensor input
  • All of our measurement devices feature networking and synchronization capabilities
  • All imc systems can be controlled via one software program
  • Application-specific expansions
  • Your one stop partner for measurement engineering - we provide solutions for the entire measurement cycle