Durability and fatigue testing

How do vehicle components behave under extreme loads? In which areas is a component stressed and how can it be optimized? How is the material fatigued after thousands of test kilometers of a prototype fleet? Durability testing provides answers to all of these questions.

Robust measurement and test stand solutions from imc

Whether on the test track, in the laboratory or on the test bench - imc offers a multitude of test and measurement solutions for data acquisition as well as for subsequent analysis. The robust and modular imc measurement devices offer complete sensor conditioning for all sensor types and measurement bridges. They guarantee an uninterrupted power supply and are self-start capable. Vehicle buses can be synchronously integrated.

Everything you need

Measurement systems for durability testing

The robust imc measurement systems create the foundation for data acquisition. The modular design and universal measurement amplifier technology allow tailoring each system to the signals to be measured. Depending on the scope of the instrumentation, a number of measurement systems can be used, networked and synchronously acquire thousands of channels.

Extremely robust:

  • Extremely rugged test and measurement system: IP65 protection rating. This device is ideal for testing in the harshest environments such as extreme temperatures, water spray and intense vibration
  • High precision signal conditioning for all common sensors in electro-mechanical testing
  • Autonomous PC-independent operation
  • Data storage both onboard the system and/or PC and network drive
  • High sampling rates for dynamic measurements including sonic range
  • Modern wireless transmission options available
  • imc STUDIO: configuration and operating software

    Spatially-distributable system: imc CRONOSflex

    • Flexible and modular system
    • Modules are networkable via standard Ethernet cable (up to 100 m)
    • Up to 2,000 kS/s per system and up to 100 kS/s per channel
    • Acquires all analog and digital measurements and field buses such as ARINC and ASCB-D
    • Direct real-time calculations provide results during the running test and help to reduce data down to the essentials.
    • Stable power supply through UPS Handle with Li-Ion battery
    • Redundant, configurable measurement data storage (internal and external)

    High-channel count system:
    imc CRONOScompact

    • 128 channels in one 19" device
    • Portable or rack-mount type
    • Flexible inputs for strain gauge, displacement or ICP sensors
    • Digital EtherCAT interface for feedback to MTS FlexTest controllers
    • Standalone operation in road-load data acquisition (RLDA)
    • On-board calculation functions for peak value extrapolation, level crossing, rainflow counting etc.
    • Screw terminal connectors for easy & quick wiring 
    • Breakout boxes reduce sensor cable lengths
    • Synchronized interface for 6-component WFTs

    Comfortable software for acquisition, visualization and automation

    The complete operation and display of the measurement is carried out via the measurement software imc STUDIO. This allows for a comfortable configuration of the measurement - even without being connected to the system. In addition, it offers numerous visualization options for measurement data. The imc Curve Window offers extensive 1D, 2D and 3D display possibilities, as well as various interactive graphics elements.

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    Configure and measure

    With imc STUDIO, you are ready to start your measurement in a few minutes. A clearly organized channel configuration list, extensive sorting and filtering functions, numerous assistants, built-in sensor management and support of TEDS are just some of the useful functions for achieving quick, intuitive system configuration.

    Data display and system operation

    With just a few mouse clicks, you can design tailor-made user interfaces with the imc STUDIO Panel, and link them to the system’s inputs and outputs. Choose from over 100 predefined instrument templates and elements (widgets) to create your own personal test and measurement interface.

    Simplify test stand automation

    Let control of the test environment be an integral part of your measurement application! When testing components, imc STUDIO not only measures the performance of the test object, but also allows you to integrate real-time automation and control for your test station - without programming one line of code. You simply define a state oriented test process and use drag & drop to insert ready-made functions for specifying target values, actuator profiles, control logic and even multi-variable closed-loop control systems.

    Open Interfaces

    Using the imc STUDIO Third Party Device Interface plug-in, it is possible to integrate devices from other manufacturers (3rd-party devices) into imc STUDIO and run them in the imc STUDIO system.

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    Automating routine tasks

    Save time by automating routine measurement processes using imc STUDIO. Use the drag & drop technique to create your own personal test sequence by selecting from a wide variety of functions – such as channel balancing, entering test object data, starting measurements, saving data, running analyses and printing out a report. That's it!

    Recording and playback of videos

    imc STUDIO Video addresses the increasing demand to combine and synchronize conventional measurement data with video capture. Simply connect a video camera, and imc STUDIO will take care of the rest. Like any measurement channel, the video channel is automatically synchronized, and offers pre- and post-triggering, versatile storage options and a replay function.

    Measurement data analysis and documentation

    • The powerful data analytics tool imc FAMOS offers endless possibilities for post processing and graphical data visualization.
    • Creating professional reports of test results using drag & drop. Using functions like ready-made report templates, auto-fill, exporting and printing can shorten the entire process to just seconds.
    • Database support and integration for management of test configurations and result data. MS Excel interfacing for easy and universal parameter exchange.
    • A sustainable solution: saving total cost of ownership, thanks to both increased operational throughput and minimized efforts for maintenance and extensions.
    • Support for level crossing calculation, time-at-level, rainflow counting, 2-dimensional histogram etc.
    • Dedicated analysis functions for durability data on gearboxes and other rotating machinery
    • Lifetime estimation using rainflow matrices and S-N Wöhler curves
    • imc TrueMax function to increase peak value accuracy of raw strain-gauge data
    • Reconstruction of shaker excitation signals from rainflow matrices containing equivalent damage to the raw data

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