Remote Monitoring & Remote Testing

Monitoring is the general term used when referring to operations such as condition monitoring, structural health monitoring or predictive maintenance. When working with mechanical systems such as vehicles, aircraft, machinery, installations or structures of any kind, whose physical behavior is observed under realistic conditions using suitable measurement and analysis technology, it is crucial for manufacturers and engineers to have effective monitoring capabilities. The collected data provide an immediate benefit, since they can be used to optimize maintenance schedules, evaluate warranty issues and optimize simulation models and test concepts. This results in immediate cost savings for the user.

What is needed is an efficient and reliable monitoring solution that can automatically provide alerts and alarms, as well as log and analyze data. Furthermore, the monitoring should allow continuous and controllable measurement data acquisition, even from remote locations. Combining standard instruments, data loggers, custom software, IT and telecommunications services, as well as special internet services, allows for an economical and safe operation in all types of condition monitoring and long-term measurements.

Main applications of remote monitoring on vehicles, machinery and installations

  • Precommission testing
  • Vehicle testing
  • Commissioning testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Long-term testing and monitoring
    • Measurement data in real operating conditions
    • qualified defense for unjustified warranty claims for improper use
    • Optimization using models

imc LINK - Remote measurement data transfer for workstations

imc LINK is designed specifically for remote access to imc measurement devices and provides for automatic copying or transmission of the measured data to a PC. imc LINK offers independence from the manual operation of your measurement system and guarantees an uninterrupted, secure, automated transfer of measurement data from instruments that are not directly connected to a computer.

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