imc DEVICES - imc Online FAMOS II

Real-time control and monitoring with imc measurement devices

Practical training in the use of all the advanced features of imc Online FAMOS.
By combining theoretical background on the structuring and functioning of imc Online FAMOS and targeted operational examples, the basis for creating your own test sequences is given. Another focus of this course is on the real-time monitoring of processes in connection with the use of integrated control algorithms.

Target Participants:
Those interested in real-time control and monitoring.

imc DEVICES - imc Online FAMOS I

Course Content:

  • Basic operation of the imc Online FAMOS control constructs
    - event-oriented processing in imc Online FAMOS
    - instructions for controlling program sequences
    - local variables for communication in the event machine
    - the process vector for direct access to measurement data
  • Working with the synchronous task and timer events
    - generating a time-deterministic setpoint
    - real-time monitoring of limit values
    - cyclical handling of process requirements
    - enabling and disabling of timers
    - build a simple two-step controller
  • Use of the integrated controller
    - parameterization of the controller, accessing parameters
    - set and release the controller lock
    - dynamic adjustment of control settings
  • Application examples
    - building a status machine for outputting velocity profiles
    - Processing and parameterization of designed testing programs
    - Use of the controller with example of temperature control
    - example for control uses

1 day (9:00 am - 4:30 pm)

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