Fundamentals of Electric Motor Testing

In this 2-day seminar, you’ll get a solid overview of the background and physical principles for testing electric motors. You will learn how you can achieve a greater depth in test stand measurement and thus, gain additional information for your production or development. This seminar shows the basis for developing effective test strategies, and with the help of additional physical information, will allow you to perform shorter and more secure testing on electric motors.



Seminar content:

  • Test stands for electric motors

    • Categorization of test stands
    • Integration of test stands in the development and production process
    • Developmental test stands
    • Endurance test stands
    • End-of-Line test stands
  • Motor types

    • Description of the static and dynamic behavior
    • Modeling
    • Parameter identification
    • DC-Motors
    • AC-Motors
    • EC-Motors
  • Practical testing of electric motors

    • Practical realization of test sequences
    • Possible errors
    • Test strategies
    • Classical characteristics test
    • Parameter identification method
  • Noises and their causes

    • Fundamentals of acoustics
    • Description of noise causes
  • Qualification of noises

    • Assessment of noise
    • Representation of noise
    • Generating significant features
  • Construction of test stands for electric motors

    • Electro-mechanical setup of test stands
    • Error sources
    • Couplings
    • Machinery directive and risk assessment
  • Sensors for testing electric motors

    • Measurement devices
    • Automatic sensor recognition
    • Mechanical measurement values
    • Electrical measurement values
    • Acoustic measurement values
    • Additional physical measurement values


2 Days (9:00am - 5:00pm)


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