The imc Certified Trainer Program

Using our products day in and day out with reliability, efficiency and security requires thorough knowledge on the part of the operator. For this reason, our training program has a modular structure to cover all aspects of device operation and service.
For beginners, the goal is to become quickly familiarized with the equipment. However, as the training proceeds, a more thorough and specialized knowledge base becomes the goal. A "train the trainer" program ends with a certification as a "imc Certified Trainer".

Why become a trainer?

  • Internal expertise is combined with specialized knowledge about the imc product range
  • Your training resources can remain in-house
  • Even after the training, a certified imc trainer will remain available for your requests
  • It will not be required to hire outside trainers to train employees

How does one become a Trainer?
To become an imc Certified Trainer, the imc Certified Trainer Program for the specific product group must be completed in full.

Moreover, the imc Certified Trainer typically has several years of practical experience within the specific training topic.

Always stay up to date
An annual workshop is held to inform imc certified trainers about all new products and enhancements.

Our trainers

Our training department has more than 15 internal trainers available. In addition to their training duties, they are also responsible for demanding measurement and scientific projects.

Our trainers are without exception well-educated. With physicists, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, computer scientists, chemists and mathematicians, we can offer the right specialist for every subject.

What distinguishes our trainers?
In addition to their extensive academic education, our trainers have a minimum of at least 3 years of practical experience in their training topic, as well as an excellent product knowledge.
To ensure the highest competence, every trainer must undertake a Certification Program from imc in their respective field of expertise.
Besides all the technical qualifications trainers have earned, they also have received much additional education and training experience.

What is more encouraging than an honest critique?

After each workshop, we ask our participants to perform a quality assurance measure to insure our trainers were the best they could be. Having good references is one of our goals.