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How do I find the network name of my device as well as its MAC address?

Network device designation and MAC address

Registration of the devices on the network (device designation and MAC address)

Find out how to determine the network name of the device as well as the MAC address of TCP/IP devices.

1. Determining the network name of the device

The devices are registered with the device designation per nameplate on the network.

2. Determining the MAC address of a TCP/IP device

To determine the MAC address, a ping must first be sent to the IP address of the measurement device, then use the command "arp –a".

The IP address can be determined by using the program IF Config for devices with the serial number 12xxx with 400kHz total sampling rate and serial number 13xxxx and 14xxxx. For all other devices, use the program TCP/IP Config. The accompanying notes will work for both programs.

Start the program imc DEVICES IF-Config, it is located in the Start folder of imc DEVICES.

Find your measuring device in the network, then go to the "LAN configuration". The current IP address can be read here.


Go to "Start," then "Run" and in Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista enter "cmd" and in Windows 95, 98, Millennium, "command".


In the DOS shell (MS-DOS input form), manually enter "ping" followed by the IP address (e.g., ping and press "Enter". Next, type "arp a" and again press "Enter". Now the MAC address is determined. It is listed after the IP address in the "Physical. address" that you used to "ping".



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How can I tell if the UPS in my measurement device is defective?

Turn on the imc measurement device and simulate a power failure.

If the function of the UPS shuts down after the set UPS time +5 seconds, then the UPS is functioning.

f the device shuts down before this amount of time, then either the UPS battery has not had enough time to charge or the UPS is defective.

To charge the device, plug the device into a power supply for six hours in the ON position. Then, the power failure can be re-simulated.

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Why is my NetBEUI measurement system not displayed in the network search with MS Windows XP?

In contrast to other MS Windows versions, under MS Windows XP you must follow different instructions for installation of the NetBEUI protocol. If you already have NetBEUI on your PC, uninstall it before the new installation process and restart the PC.

1.    Insert the Windows XP CD-ROM and go to the folder Valueadd\MSFT \Net\NetBEUI.
2.    Copy Nbf.sys to %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\Drivers.
3.    Copy Netnbf.inf to the %SYSTEMROOT%\Inf.
4.    Click on Start, then Settings, then Control Panel, then double-click on Network and Dial-up connections.
5.    Right-click on the entry for "Local Area Connection" and select "Properties" from the context menu which appears.
6.    On the index card "General", click on the button "Install...".
7.    In the dialog which then appears, select "Protocol" and then "Add...".
8.    It should now be possible to select the NetBEUI protocol in the list. Select NetBEUI and click on OK.
9.    Restart the computer.

Note: Administrator rights for your PC are required.

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How do I find out if a device has a CAN1 or CAN2 interface?
  1. Connect your measurement device to the PC
  2. Open imc DEVICES and connect to the device
  3. Now go to: Devices -> Properties...
  4. After saving, open the window Device Configuration
  5. In the table, find the entry MFBus-Module
  6. Click on the "+" on the left side of the column, a new row("Type") will become visible
  7. On the right side of the row, you can now read the type of fieldbus interface
  8. If it has the label CAN (MCAN), then it is always a CAN 1 Interface
  9. If it has the label CAN (MBUS_X), then it is always a CAN 2 Interface

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What should I consider when using Li-Ion batteries?


Because of the unavoidable self-discharge of Li-Ion batteries (smart batteries), it  is recommended that the device be reconnected to a power supply no later than after 3 months of operation to fully charge the internal Li-Ion batteries.

  • The batteries recharge automatic when the device is connected to a power supply.
  • Charge time per Li-Ion battery: up to 3 hours
  • The storage of discharged smart batteries is not recommended and can possibly render them (the battery pack) unusable!
  • Capacity per Li-Ion battery:
    • 69 Wh (small, CRFX/HANDLE-LI-IO-L)
    • 95 Wh (large, CRC/B-Li-IO-1 and -2)

* pertains to imc CRONOScompact (CRC/B-Li-IO-1 und -2) and imc CRONOSflex (Power Handle: CRFX/HANDLE-LI-IO-L)

You can find the handbook and technical data in our Dowload-Center

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Can my measurement device be retrofitted with a SSD hard disk?

SSD hard disk

Can my measurement device be retrofitted with a SSD hard disk?

Yes it can!

An internal 128 GB SSD hard disk (SATA) is available for imc CRONOSflex (CRFX-400,CRFX-2000) and for imc CRONOScompact.
An SSD hard disk offers the significant advantage over IDE disks by having improved vibration resistance.
An additional advantage over the IDE is also an increased temperature range. The IDE functions between 0°C to +50°C. The SSD hard disk is specified for a temperature range between 10°C to +70°C.

Notice: Not every comercially available SSD hard disk is compatible with imc devices. The SSD hard disks that we offer were specifically chosen and tested by us.

For additional questions, please contact your local imc partner, or contact us via the  Hotline.

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What is there to consider about flash disks?

Flash disks: What is there to consider?

Which brand of flash disk do we recommend? What is there to consider?

In principle, any commercially available PCMCIA flash disk or CF memory card can be used. However, the cards on the market differ in writing/reading rates, timing and power consumption. In the "worst-case" this could lead to data loss.

Please take note of our white paper "How to use removable media".

Caution: We recommend using factory tested flash disks, since data overflow means loss of test data!

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