Services for Electric Motor Testing

Our team of over 40 experienced specialists develops custom fit test strategies for you and brings them to successful realization. And after commissioning we’re on hand for help and advice. We’re here to support you with training, calibration and maintenance services, as well as the continuous further development and modernization of your test stand.

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Calibration and Maintenance

Very few projects are over once the test stand has been installed. This is because you can also protect the value of asset with regular calibration and maintenance. Before you purchase a test stand, we provide you with a calibration concept describing the calibration of individual process quantities. When we deliver the test stand we provide you with a calibration and maintenance offering that has been individually tailored to your needs. That ensures smooth operation and increases the lifetime of the test stand. Very many of our installations have been operating on a daily basis for 10, 15 or 20 years.

Extending Test Software

The modular and open design of our imc OMEGA software allows a systematic expansion of test types. This means that should your test specifications change, there is no need to develop new software. Our experts are available to you both as third-party manufacturers and to support you in your own in-house development.

We would be pleased to put together an offer for expanding your software through standard testing or according to individual test specifications. Furthermore, we also support you in the form of a contingency of hours from our experts, who are on hand with help and advice to implement changes or new test types.

Retrofit & modernization of test benches

In contrast to constructing a completely new test stand, the timely replacement of components can lead to investment savings, as some existing test stand components can continue to be used. As a rule, replacement of measurement equipment components, automation units and control computers can be a simple and economical way of adapting a test stand to new test tasks.

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Seminars and Workshops

More than 30 years expertise in testing electric motors is apparent not only in the quality of our test stands but above all in the amount of knowledge accumulated by our employees. We’re pleased to pass this experience on to our customers: examples are our “Electric Motor Testing “ seminars or in workshops at your site covering, for example, evaluation of measurement results or noise analysis of electric motors

Customer’s Requirement Specification

The basis for a reliable offer is the most precise description possible of the scope of a request – ideally in the form of a  requirement specification sheet. This facilitates comparison of multiple suppliers’ offers and simplifies the choice of the most attractive partner for implementing the project in terms of both technology and price.

A test stand customer does not always have the time and experience to compile a detailed requirement specification. Our project engineers at imc support our customers in creating impartial descriptions, from the draft document structure to the final document. For a project to be successful, the  requirement specification forms the basis for the development plan, leading to successful factory acceptance of the test stand by the customer. 

Contract Measurement

Not every customer wishes to invest in their own electric motor test stand. And yet during development of a motor it is often necessary to establish and compare the required characteristics of motors. imc supports customers in this through the option of contract measurement. A complete range of motor types can be thoroughly analyzed on our in-house test stands. From simply determining characteristic curves or measuring cogging torque of EC motors through to energy efficiency according to DIN EN 60034-2-1 and establishing flux tables for EC motors – the possibilities for testing are limited only by the performance data of our test stands.

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