R&D Test Stand for Electric Power Steering

Electric power steering under inspection

  • Provision of steering motion and steering force
  • Over 40 different steering maneuvers and load profiles
  • Load machines with up to 350 Nm
  • High-precision measurement of steering angle: 0.007 °resolution
  • Integrated restbus simulation
  • Single and dual load testing at the same test station
  • In single load, two test objects can be tested simultaneously on one test station
  • Replay of recorded real world load profiles from road test
  • Misuse tests
  • Synchronized climate control of the test objects during test procedures

Integrated imc measurement devices

  • The measurement, automation, open- and closed-loop control tasks are executed in parallel on the embedded real-time processing platform
  • Convenient design tool for process control: imc Automation Editor
  • Additional real-time system provided for restbus simulation: freely and flexibly configurable

imc Software

  • Visualization, recording, analysis and archiving of data are based on the test and measurement software imc STUDIO Developer
  • imc FAMOS Pro applied for extensive data analysis

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.