EC/DC motor test stand with climate chamber

For characteristic curve, cogging & friction torque, constant torque characteristic, Back EMF


Automation for efficient test sequencing:

  • EC and DC motors can be tested fully-automatic, step by step
  • Suitable for DUTs up to 20 Nm, 12,000 rpm
  • DC power supply: 80 V, 340 A for external customer ECU or DC-motors
  • Creates reports automatically for every type of testing
  • All tests are configurable incl. operating mode selection of DUT (rpm or torque)
  • All tests can be optionally ran in a climate chamber

Integrated measurement and control with imc:

  • Measurement data acquisition imc CRONOSflex with fast 2,000 kHz over all sample rate and up to 48 kHz frequency response per measurement channel
  • Test stand software with imc STUDIO allows:
    • Sequence control
    • Calculation and visualization of characteristic values with trend line in quasi real time
    • Automated file storage
  • Create reports with imc FAMOS
  • Complete turnkey solution from a single source

With this test stand, the customer has the possibility to test a variety of motor types found in the automotive industry (e.g., steering or servo motors). The automated sequencing and test stand flexibility are prerequisites when it comes to making productivity gains during the development phase of a motor.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.