TEL1-FLEX The flexible telemetry

The TEL1-FLEX offers users a telemetry series for particularly cramped quarters. The extremely flat and flexible transmitter electronics allow torque measurements under the tightest installation conditions. The total thickness is less than 2 mm. Thanks to the space-saving design based on a pliable film substrate, the flexible telemetry makes it extremely easy to apply to rotating shafts or other machine components.

The TEL1 telemetry transmits its data digitally and inductively with a resolution of 12 bits to the TEL-1 receiver head. A cable connects it to the TEL1 receiver. For signal output, an analog output (+/- 10 V) is available as standard. Optionally, a current loop (4 ... 20 mA) can also be integrated.

At a glance

  • channels: 1
  • signal bandwidth: 0 – 1200 Hz
  • input types: strain gauge
  • resolution: 12 bit
  • transmission: inductive
  • power supply inductive
  • housing: flexible circuit board
  • operating temperature: -40 … +80 (125) °C
  • transmitter weight: 2 g
  • transmitter dimensions: 70 x 20 x 2 mmm

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