CTP High-speed wireless telemetry for rotating applications with up to 64 channels

The CTP-Rotate telemetry system enables the acquisition, processing and transmission of 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 parallel measurement signals from rotating machinery, test benches, wheels and rotors. The integrated accumulator unit allows easy and quick installation of telemetry. The weatherproof system designed for outdoor use (IP65) enables data transmission over distances of up to 20 meters in free fields.

At a glance

  • channels: 4/8/16/32/64
  • signal bandwidth: 0 – 24.000 Hz
  • input types: strain gauge, TH-K, PT100, PT1000, IEPE, voltage
  • resolution: 16 bit
  • transmission: radio
  • power supply: battery
  • housing: robust and water-resistant
  • operating temperature: -20 … +70 °C
  • receiver unit dimensions:
  • CTP4/8/16
    L = 90
    B = 90/125/185
    H = 52mm
  • CTP4/8-Rotate: diameter 145 x 62 mm
  • CTP16-Rotate: diameter 190 x 70 mm
  • CTP32-Rotate: diameter 250 x 80 mm
  • CTP64-Rotate: diameter 260 x 77 mm

Receiver unit

The stationary receiver unit (decoder) has two antenna connections for optimum reception of the RF signals. Thanks to the robust design, the receiver can withstand vibrations of up to 100 g and operates over a wide temperature range from -20 to +70 °C. The telemetry data are output either via analog outputs (+/- 10 V) or via the optional decoder with Ethernet interface. In conjunction with an imc measurement system with TELDEC-interface, high-precision, time-synchronized data acquisition can be implemented with many other sensors and bus systems.