Rethinking telemetry

Dx telemetry provides a simple yet universal solution for various applications.

Digital technology

A robust telemetry link is a prerequisite for reliable measurement data. Therefore, the Dx digitizes the analog measurement signals as early as possible directly in the transmitter unit.


A Dx transmitter unit contains the complete signal processing, digitization and wireless transmission for up to 6 channels.


Not enough channels - just add another transmitter. Up to four transmitter modules can be operated synchronously with only one receiver unit.

One telemetry for various signals

Gone are the times in which a separate transmitter unit is needed for each sensor type. The Dx transmitter unit has universal signal conditioning that supports different types of sensors.


Strain gauge


Simple to operate

The clear menu navigation allows easy operation for even inexperienced users. Transmitters and receivers can be configured either directly on a display with a Touch Wheel or conveniently via a web browser on a PC.

Proper power supplies

For powering the transmitter modules, multiple flexible solutions are available: an inductive head or an inductive ring stator allow continuous operation. Alternatively, various battery types are available to provide secure supply power for hours (up to days) at a time.

Find an overview of power supply options under the accessories tab.

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