imc WEBDEVICES – remote testing for communities

Internet and cloud service for remotely-operated measurement devices

imc WEBDEVICES provides the means for remote-controlled, unmanned, fully-automatic monitoring, data acquisition and testing of technical systems over long distances, such as with vehicles, machinery, plants or structures.

Networking of measurement devices and test personnel

Similar to a social network in which people make friends, network and exchange information, imc WEBDEVICES crosslinks many test objects with as many test engineers, project partners and administrators through a web portal. This results in specific productivity benefits, since all parties, at anytime and from anywhere, have rights-based access to current measurement data, results and status information.

Remote monitoring and remote testing with imc WEBDEVICES in detail

Dynamic measurement data and status information of the test object is acquired over multiple channels (Remote Monitoring) and already before the transmission, the data are subjected to real-time analysis (Remote Testing). In automatic test mode, the system also monitors thresholds and sends alerts if necessary. Ongoing plausibility checking of the data collected guarantees high data security and data integrity. A broken cable, a defective measurement instrument or a defective sensor are automatically detected and reported. This is especially important in long-term monitoring, such as on construction machinery in real operations.

After the transfer of information from the measurement device to the cloud, measurement data, measurement results, status information, etc. are published in imc WEBDEVICES on a bulletin board along with warnings and alarms that are issued by SMS or email. A user rights manager defines the degree of information sharing and accessibility. In this way, test object information can be limited on an individual basis, thus allowing each user to access only the information they require.

Easy to operate, easy to expand

Through its intuitive, web-based interface, imc WEBDEVICES can be operated in any browser and also allows non-expert users to get started quickly. Customer-specific requirements can be complemented by the integrated expansion interface at any time in the form of an app.

Testing and remote monitoring requires the following components:

  • imc measurement device
  • imc WEBDEVICES (cloud service)
  • Commercial telecommunication technology (UMTS, EDGE)
  • Qualified services

Areas of operation

Thanks to flexible architecture, it is possible to meet the diverse requirements of mobile or stationary testing and provide an application-specific solution.

  • General remote testing and monitoring tasks
  • Remote-controlled, long-term measurements of physical quantities
  • Condition monitoring of vehicles, machinery, plants, structures
  • Centralized data storage and organization

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.