Sound and vibration analysis with imc WAVE

Workstation for Acoustic & Vibration Engineering

With imc WAVE, you are provided with a powerful software platform for noise and vibration analysis. Various analyzers cover a wide range of applications: from acoustical inspections during road tests, structural analyses on the test bench, up to vibration testing.

With imc WAVE, you can quickly and easily solve a wide variety of tasks in sound and vibration analysis. The well guided work flow will lead you step by step through the parameter settings for your specific application. From the device configuration through the microphone calibration procedure up to starting the measurement, imc WAVE offers a simple operating concept.

Spectrum Analyzer

  • Sound pressure
  • Octave & 1/3-octave analysis
  • Frequency and time weighting
  • Vibration analysis
  • FFT analysis

Structural Analyzer

  • Calculation of transfer functions (magnitude and phase)
  • Coherences
  • Auto-spectra & DOFs
  • Export to Excel or modal analysis software ME' Scope™

Order Tracking Analyzer

  • Order tracking spectra based on measured RPM
  • Noise & vibration levels vs. RPM (various classifications)
  • Transfer functions vs. time and angle

Holistic testing approach: more than NVH

In the development arena, acquisition and correlation of additional measurement values are often required in order to analyze root causes and dependencies between the acoustic parameters and operational states. With imc WAVE, temperature, strain or GPS can be recorded and signals and information from CAN vehicle buses are directly integrated. This follows a holistic testing approach, because after all, vehicles and machinery are increasingly being tested in their entirety. Analyses are carried out in real time: all recorded signals are directly calculated to meaningful result values and are evaluated according to relevant standards.

imc WAVE at a glance

  • Analysis platform for sound & vibration testing with imc measurement systems
  • Analyzers based on standardized test routines
  • Acoustics in the context of a universal measuring system
  • Additional synchronized data acquisition of signals such as force, pressure, strain, temperature, GPS, etc. - for analyses and correlations
  • CAN vehicle bus integration

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.