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In practice

In modern product development, acoustical aspects are playing an increasingly larger role: mechanical vibrations are minimized and noise and interference are not allowed to exceed certain legal standards. Thus, machinery and vehicles are subjected to sound and vibration testing by manufacturers. imc WAVE is the ideal platform for testing in accordance with the standards, as well as in development environments that aim towards improving comfort and optimizing functionality. For example, more than 400 sources are contributing to sound in a vehicle. They have to be defined and measured by the manufacturer because acoustics play an important role when it comes to driving enjoyment and functionality.

Holistic testing approach: more than NVH

In the development arena, acquisition and correlation of additional measurement values are often required in order to analyze root causes and dependencies between the acoustic parameters and operational states. With imc WAVE, temperature, strain or GPS can be recorded and signals and information from CAN vehicle buses are directly integrated. This follows a holistic testing approach, because after all, vehicles and machinery are increasingly being tested in their entirety. Analyses are carried out in real time: all recorded signals are directly calculated to meaningful result values and are evaluated according to relevant standards.

Optimize vehicle interior acoustics

When buying a new car, most customers consider interior noise comfort an important factor. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers must perform a comprehensive series of tests and measurements – both on the test bench and on the road. One such test, for example, is to drive the vehicle under full and partial load. In addition to the comfort-relevant measurement data, operational status information is acquired via CAN or analog sensors and correlated to the acoustics performance.

Structural analysis with imc WAVE

With the imc WAVE Structural Analyzer, mechanical structures can be examined with regard to resonances. In this situation, a defined force signal is injected into the structure and the subsequent response of the structure can be measured using accelerometers. The simultaneous assessment of all of the signals allows the transfer function to be derived which fully describes the vibration behavior of the structure. For further processing, the imc FAMOS signal analysis software is available, as well as interfacing to modal analysis software, e.g., ME' Scope™.

Acoustic emissions testing on machinery

To minimize noise impact on humans, in working environments or in public, there are a number of laws and regulations put into place in which noise level limits and testing methods are described. Acoustic emissions are tested to evaluate how loud the sound is at a certain location. The sound level meter is suited for standardized evaluation and certification, as well as for product optimization in the development process. It is fully compliant to the IEC 61672 standard.

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