imc WAVE Spectrum Analyzer

Sound and vibration testing according to standards

To minimize noise impact on humans, in working environments or in public, it is necessary to reduce irritating or harmful frequencies. The imc WAVE Spectrum Analyzer provides professional tools for frequency analysis such as octave, 1/3-octave and FFT, as well as a sound level meter compliant with EN 61672.

Step by step to meeting the testing standards

imc WAVE Spectrum Analyzer - Homepage
Spectrum Analyzer Homepage: Direct navigation on left side to individual pages or to hide/unhide panel pages. Right side provides metadata entry.
imc WAVE Spectrum Analyzer: Device Selection
Select device (for example, imc CRONOSflex or imc C-SERIES with Audio Amplifier) device-specific settings such as memory settings and Synchronization and settings
imc WAVE Spectrum Analyzer: Channel Selection
Channel selection: Select measurement channels and channel-specific settings such as sampling rate and evaluation functions (fast/slow, time or frequency weighting).
imc WAVE Spectrum Analyzer - Channel/ Sensor Adjustment
Channel/ Sensor Adjustment: Adjust active channels using a microphone calibrator.
imc WAVE Spectrum Analyzer - Start Measurement
Start measurement: On the panel page, different variables are displayed in different representations (depending on the selected channel settings, see screenshot 3).
imc WAVE Spectrum Analyzer - View of octave spectrum
Detailed view of octave and 1/3-octave spectrum from screenshot 6.