imc WAVE Order Tracking Analyzer

Order Tracking Analyzer

Measurements on rotating machinery and components

On rotating machinery and drive-lines, speed-dependent vibrations can occur, such as resonances, that are dangerous to both humans and machines. For this reason, engineers have been focusing on ways to isolate and dampen these vibrations for quite some time.

To obtain objective measurement results, a simple FFT analysis is not enough because when accelerating or decelerating, the sampling signal becomes blurred. The solution to this problem is order tracking - a type of frequency analysis where the measured signal is sampled as a function of rpm.

With the imc WAVE Order Tracking Analyzer, these frequency-dependent phenomena are systematically correlated and analyzed. Thus, FFT and order spectra can be analyzed as a function of speed and angle of rotation to assess, for example, flexural or torsional vibrations.Using imc WAVE, signals can be analyzed that are equidistant with respect to time (time signals and FFT spectrum), as well as rpm (angle signals and order spectrum). In addition, via protocol channels, CAN bus channels and digital or analog inputs and outputs can be synchronously acquired and output for the measurement.

Step by step to order tracking analysis

imc WAVE Order Tracking Homepage
Order tracking homepage: Direct navigation on left side to individual pages or to hide/unhide panel pages. Right side provides metadata entry.
imc WAVE Order Tracking Devices
Select device (for example, imc CRONOSflex or imc C-Series with analog and encoder amplifiers) device-specific settings such as memory settings and synchronization and settings
imc WAVE Order Tracking - Channel selection
Channel selection: Select measurement channels and channel-specific settings such as sampling rate and windowing.
imc WAVE Order Tracking - Encoder Settings
Encoder settings such as sampling rate and windowing.
imc WAVE Order Tracking - Optional Settings
Optional settings for analog and encoder inputs such as classification and reference channel
imc WAVE Order Tracking - Measurement & Visualization
Measurement side: Measurement of the order spectrum as a function of rpm. Correlation of FFT and order spectrum.