imc Inline FAMOS - live data analysis on the PC

Do the test results match your expectations? How can you directly monitor limits and thresholds at your test stand? How many load cycles has the test object undergone and what is the current status of the test object? imc Inline FAMOS provides answers to all these questions by means of real-time data analysis. With imc Inline FAMOS, the possibility of live data analysis with imc STUDIO is expanded. During a running measurement, you are able to perform statistical analyses, mathematical calculations or other complex analyses in real time.

Your benefits

  • Saving time: real-time analyses deliver results already during the running test - subsequent post-processing is not necessary
  • Deeper understanding: imc Inline FAMOS provides intuitive access to complex technical processes by real-time analysis of test stand data streams
  • Immediate response: real-time evaluation allows immediate reaction and intervention - even interactive or fully automated, from minor adjustments to emergency shutdown

Typical fields of application

  • Testing and inspection tasks requiring real-time analysis, such as power monitoring, spectral analysis, class counting, etc.
  • Monitoring of test stands and inspection procedures, such as component and fatigue tests, etc.
  • Complex tests requiring real-time evalusation, such as load history accumulation via class counting
  • Open- and closed-loop control tasks

Cross-device online calculations

As an expansion packet to imc STUDIO, imc Inline FAMOS has direct access to all data streams of the connected measurement hardware and enables cross-device calculating and analysis in real time.

Short reaction times

Calculations with imc Inline FAMOS are conducted almost instantly: In a few 100 ms the results are available („Human Realtime“). Do you need even faster reaction times, e.g., for control applications? Then imc Online FAMOS would be the real-time platform of choice: imc Online FAMOS, the real-time platform on the device.

Impressive computing power

By using the full CPU performance of your PC, imc Inline FAMOS provides an impressive data throughput - even with many measuring channels with extensive computational steps. Extensive analyses are spread across multiple processor cores and the performance can be easily scaled by selecting appropriate PC hardware.

Simple to apply

The function library provides ready-made analysis functions at your fingertips. The application is very simple: select the measurement channel, drag it to the desired function and you will instantly receive a calculated result channel. Several calculation steps are stored in an editor as a sequence and can be clearly edited and loaded into future projects and reused.

Comprehensive functions library

For data analysis, a comprehensive collection of standard functions is available: e.g., performance calculations, statistical analysis or mathematical functions. In addition, special areas of application are covered - such as order analysis, acoustical assessments, strain gauge rosette circuits, classifying algorithms for stress analysis, digital filtering or non-linear characteristic curve evaluations.

Basic mathematical operations

  • All basic mathematical functions are available - from basic arithmetic to differential equations, integers or characteristic curve corrections.
  • Functions are easily defined by simply entering formulas in "Pocket Calculator" notation.
  • Results are output in the form of virtual channels and can be saved and used for further functions.

Statistical functions

A variety of statistical functions are available, e.g.,

  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Mean value
  • Running RMS
  • and much more

Data reduction (transitional recording)

  • Data reduction for analog data
  • Dynamic sampling rate based on the wave form
  • Reduction factor of up to 250

Power measurement

  • 1-, 2- or 3-phase power measurements
  • Automatically calculates active power, apparent power, reactive power and power factor

Strain gauge rosette calculation

  • Analysis of strain measurement with rosettes
  • Detailed assistant for convenient parameterization of the function
  • Direct output of principal stresses and strains as a result channels

Control and monitoring

  • Limit monitoring of any measurement channels
  • Event log

    Digital filters, FFT

    • Inverts or complex FFT
    • High, low, band pass filter etc.
    • Acoustical filter such as A-, B-, or C-assessments

    Order-tracking analysis

    • Order spectrum
    • Determines RPM-value/frequency line
    • Pulse time measurement
    • Complex order line
    • Smoothing
    • and much more

    Online class-counting

    • Classification histogram
    • Rain Flow
    • Two-channel revolutions matrix
    • Extreme value approximation
    • and much more