Real-time data analysis with imc STUDIO

The signal processing platforms imc Online FAMOS and imc Inline FAMOS allow open- and closed-loop control plus live data analysis. The latter is based on calculations applied to streaming data (data from measurements in progress).

What is the suitable real-time platform for my task?

Function imc Online FAMOS imc Inline FAMOS
real-time analysis    on the measurement device on the computer
stand-alone calculations (without PC)    ++
calculations across multiple devices   ++
computationally intensive analyses    + ++
fast measurement and control applications (considered safety-critical)    ++ optional
parallel calculation sequences (multicore calculations)    ++
comprehensive function set ++ ++
    mathematical functions ja ja
    logical functions ja ja
    comparison functions ja ja
    trigonometry ja ja
    statistical analysis ja ja
    data reduction ja ja
    power analysis ja ja
    frequency analysis ja ja
    acoustic evaluations ja ja
    order tracking analysis optional
    strain gauge rosette calculations ja ja
    classification algorithms optional optional
    digital filters ja ja
    evaluation of characteristic curves ja ja
Key: ++ very good+ good optional neutralja included   optional Add On