Administrative functions for intelligent data management

Project management: the compass in the flood of data

For complete documentation and structured storage of measurement and metadata, imc STUDIO provides extensive project management. It supports systematic data storage, including any explanatory data (metadata) and calculations, thus providing complete traceability of the measurement project at any time. Data storage can either be carried out systematically in the file system or by using the imc measurement database.

Rights management: less can be more

With imc STUDIO, you can decide which functions and settings will be made available to various user groups . Via the role and authorization system, you can create, for example, configuration and user modes. This decreases the complexity for the various user groups, increases operating safety, and thus, reduces the need for training. imc STUDIO allows for four separate user levels to be defined whose independent, detailed accessibility and functionalities can be freely determined. The individual levels are protected by freely selectable passwords.

You are able to control which modules each user has access to, which features they are permitted to use and whether changes are allowed to be made.

Accessibility restrictions allow for only parts or even the entire configuration information to be hidden from individual or groups of users. Thus, the user only has access to certain aspects of the system which are necessary for him.

Moreover, measurements can be configured to start the software in a full-screen mode that will only show specific user interfaces (imc Panels). Thus, the administrator can grant access for certain users to only application-specific user interfaces and limit access to any design or control functions. In contrast, appropriately authorized users or system engineers can still be permitted to change or reconfigure the experiment at any time.

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