imc STUDIO Sequencer: Automating test routines with sequences

While complete test programs are realized through interactive elements of the Panel, these tests can be automated through the sequencing of measurement steps with the sequencer.

  • Step by step configuration of test sequences
  • Automatically plays individual test steps
  • Drag & drop configuration
  • Quick results through set-up design — no programming skills necessary
  • Comprehensive capabilities — from setting start variables and parameters to automated data evaluation and report creation

Closing the gap between complex programming and manual operation

The imc STUDIO Sequencer offers professional batch processing to close the gap between complex programming and manual operation of the measurement system.

Thanks to its menu-based configuration procedure, the Sequencer is quick and easy to operate and yet powerful enough to cover a comprehensive range of applications: from simple, serial laboratory measurements all the way to complex test station workflows.
It saves the user all the trouble associated with programming: complicated syntax, elaborate data structures, type declaration, initialization, etc. Here, instead of programming, the drag & drop technique is used to assemble a sequence of pre-defined function elements, which only requires appropriate configuration. The imc STUDIO Sequencer uses complete elements, eliminating the possibility of errors due to incorrect syntax.
Comparable to writing a simple “to-do” list, a command sequence is created by dragging individual commands onto a list in the Sequencer window. These commands are then configured by means of self-explanatory menus and selection lists. This means that all configuration options are selected in a guided interactive process. So whether selecting the measurement channels and variables to use, or files and folder paths, typos and syntax errors are avoided from the onset.

Comprehensive functionality

Alongside regular functions such as Start, Stop, and Save, a wide variety of additional functions are available, such as:

  • Import of external parameters such as configuration parameters or data, for instance from Microsoft Excel (csv)
  • Loading of various measurement configurations
  • Running and evaluating measurements according to specific sequences or user actions, e.g., in response to control buttons, or to the measurement’s own results
  • Generating reports
  • Sending of e-mail notifications
  • Acoustic user guidance (text-to-speech)
  • Starting of analysis sequences (imc FAMOS) and reaction to their results
  • General scripting (e.g., Visual Basic), including integration with third-party devices
  • Loop structures for complex operations
  • Activation of Panel-pages for data visualization and interaction with the user


imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.