imc STUDIO Panel

  • Pre-defined templates for easy visualization
  • Placement of input and output elements
  • “Widgets” per drag & drop: library of more than 100 pre-defined display and control elements
  • Real-time data & video display
  • 2D and 3D data viewing in imc Curve Window
  • User interface panel and/or a dynamic test report
  • Export & snapshot displays as graphics or PDF
  • Replay function of combined data and video recording
  • Navigation bar for precise manual zoom and inspection across multiple, synchronized imc Curve Windows
  • Linking script execution with push-button widgets

Data visualization

In order to graphically display data, simply select the desired channel from the channel list. Then use drag & drop to place it on the Panel and select the display style. All aspects of the data organization, buffering, connection with the hardware, sampling rates, etc., are initiated automatically, thus allowing you to concentrate entirely on designing and organizing your Panel pages.

The imc Curve Window offers an extensive scope of 1D, 2D and 3D display options, as well as a variety of interactive graphical elements such as:

  • Speedometers and measurement clocks
  • Various display widgets
  • Status-indicator lights
  • Switches and buttons
  • Potentiometers and slider controls
  • Decade potentiometers and odometers
  • Lists and tables of all types for input and output
  • Display of live videos

Widgets for user interaction

Besides offering display-oriented widgets, imc STUDIO Panel supports user interaction with the measurement system: potentiometers, numeric and text input boxes, selection list boxes and controls simulate a conventional command center, or a cockpit so to speak, to allow intuitive handling.

The user’s ability to interact with the measurement process is not limited to such simple actions as “Start Measurement” or adjusting individual parameters. With full access to all of imc STUDIO’s functions, it is possible to control every aspect of the measurement and testing process via the Panel. Whether configuring the measurement, data acquisition, analysis or documentation: everything can be controlled directly by means of imc STUDIO Panel’s operating widgets. This means that you can use the imc STUDIO toolbox to create customized operating and display software for your measurement task.

A custom operating and display interface

The Panel-pages created using imc STUDIO represent your personal operating and display interface for the connected measurement system. It is even possible to create large numbers and varieties of Panel-pages within a single project or single measurement configuration. The individual Panel-pages can be displayed on command either manually by means of tabs, or by means of control widgets. Furthermore, the system can be programmed to automatically display particular pages, for instance, governed by a trigger, or in response to a certain system status, or within an automation sequence by means of the imc STUDIO Sequencer.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.