imc STUDIO Automation: Configuring real-time automations

Test station automation require real-time capability and deterministic reaction times take a PC to the limits of its performance. imc STUDIO solves this demanding task by uniting the device-based real-time platform imc Online FAMOS with PC-based design and visualization capabilities.

In test stand applications where the test object must be placed in pre-determined testing situations, real-time control with selectable signal output is required. The spectrum of such applications extends from simple signal output to logic-based control all the way to complex multi-variable closed-loop control systems. At the center of the test stand automation is the software component imc STUDIO Automation, which allows state-based definition of the process. Toward that end, logical states are defined and then, by means of the Drag & Drop technique, linked to such actions as setting of a digital output, opening of a particular dialog page, navigating through an output signal, etc.

imc STUDIO Automation

  • Graphics-based development environment
  • State-based definition of automation steps and test routines
  • Easy configuration by means of drag & drop and plain text notation
  • Completely deterministic reaction times when running on real-time capable imc hardware
  • Cycle time as low as 0.1 ms
  • Versatile functionality: from simple signal output to logic-based open-loop control all the way to complex, multi-variable closed-loop control
  • Parallel synchronous and/or asynchronous measurements and automation tasks
  • Real-time monitoring of value limits and alarm conditions

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.