Data analysis with imc FAMOS

Data analysis with imc FAMOS
Data analysis with imc FAMOS

With imc FAMOS, you can quickly and easily process large data sets and generate calculation processes in familiar mathematical notation. For this purpose, you have a variety of mathematical, statistical and analytical functions. For each function, there is a help wizard to support you during the setup. Presentation of the calculated results are just a mouse click away.

Easy to operate.

  1. Pull data from the variable list via drag & drop to the desired function
  2. Automatic Function Wizard
  3. "Run" produces the result as a new variable
  4. Curves can be displayed in various shapes

Choose from hundreds of integrated functions in all areas of measurement analysis and calculation.


  • High processing speed even with large data sets
  • Formula wizard for all functions
  • Syntax highlighting and integrated formula help
  • Any size input history
  • Hierarchical favorites list
  • Variables can be grouped together, e.g., for common calculating or comparing

Providing support for special requirements

Options for extending the functionality

  • Order tracking
  • Class counting in accordance with DIN 45667
  • Special spectral analysis functions
  • Access to ASAM ODS
  • Extended audio functions
  • Extended file access, etc.
  • Filter design
  • Video kit

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