New functionalities: imc FAMOS 7.1

Calculation of measurement uncertainty

imc FAMOS 7.1 allows to analyze effects of measurement uncertainties for almost each algorithm written as sequence.

You have the following possibilities:

  • Calculation of uncertainty propagation
  • Calculation of uncertainty of mathematical analysis results
  • Adding disturbance to signals
  • Analysis of the impact of disturbance on existing algorithms
  • Testing robustness of algorithms

-> White Papers on Measurement Uncertainty

Optimized handling of physical units

The computation of SI units and further international entities has become even more comfortable. A unit manager allows, for example, presettings and special requirements. Axis labels with greek letters, decimal powers and exponential notations provide a clear presentation of measurement data in the curve window.

Editor with sub-sequences

Sub-sequences can now be directly embedded into the calling sequence and no longer need to be saved in a separate sequence file.

4D diagrams in the curve window

The new 4D mode allows to display measured values in a sophisticated diagram: In the example on the right a rainflow matrix is shown, a typical visualization for the fatigue analysis. One can see the change in the number of occurred load cycles. The color indicates the changes between two measurements in comparison.

Split mode in the curve window

It is often required to directly compare events in measurement periods being far apart from each other. With the new split mode a curve window can be arbitrarily subdivided in several parts in order to compare different segments with each other. 

Debug mode for panel pages

The debug mode simplifies debugging while creating complex panel pages. As with normal sequences, it is possible to define breakpoints at which execution of the sequence is interrupted. The sequence is displayed in the editor and can be resumed step-by-step starting at the current command line. The same applies when the sequence run encounters a (syntax-) error.

Further new functions

Bitwise Operations

  • BitAND, BitOr, BitNot, BitShift, BitSet, BitGet

New function for working with measurements

  • MeasNames: finds existing measurements
  • MeasChanNames: finds a measurement's existing channels
  • SelMeasListSetName: sets an entry in the Data Selector's Measurement list
  • SelListControl: Various data selector actions (emptying, updating)

New function in the Spectral Kit:

  • Savitzky-Golay filter: filtering for smoothing signals has been added

New function in the class Counting Kit:

  • ClsQuantile: calculation of quantiles of a distribution given in histogram form

Download: Full "What's New" document

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