imc DEVICES - imc Operating Software

The operating software imc DEVICES is a uniform graphical user interface with flexible display styles. In addition to quick configuration of individual devices, it enables network-wide operation of multiple imc systems, even of different types.

imc DEVICES allows quick and reliable measurement operation without any need for programming. All measurement parameters can be set on a per-channel basis. The extensive data storage-, triggering- and real-time functions are clearly organized for each device. The measured data are displayed by means of the device’s (alphanumeric) display unit or in any imaginable graphical display mode on the PC monitor connected via the Ethernet TCP/IP.

The uniformity of the operating software results in a great reduction of the costs associated with system orientation, training, updating and maintenance. Plus, the reliability of operation is significantly increased. Measurement tasks are easier to solve and can be performed at a lower cost.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.