1/2-19" Rack for imc CRONOSflex

When clicked together in a stack imc CRONOSflex Modules can be mounted in a special 19" rack (CRFX/1/2 RACK 19"). Any stack of modules must be installed on the left end of the CRFX/RACK. The remaining space on the right side is then covered with special plates ("front cover panel"). The width of each module is stated in its respective data sheet. A block of modules thus overlaps in its outer dimensions and is narrower than the sum of its individual elements.
The half imc 19" rack is designed for an imc CRONOSflex system respectively module stacks having a maximum width of 200 mm.

Included accessories:

  • 1x CRFX/1/2-19"-RACK
  • 1x left mounting element
  • 1x right mounting element

Order Code: CRFX/1/2-19"-RACK, article number: 1190106

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