Sensor supply modul for current transducers and current clamps


The SEN-SUPPLY-4 module provides high power ±15V supply voltage to feed 4 active sensors. It is particularly suited to operate modern fluxgate current transducers such as LEM Ultrastab or Danisense types as well as precision current clamps e.g. from Hioki.

As a passive module it can be operated/combined with any amplifier types by hooking up to the amplifier inputs via patch cables (LEMO.1B).

It can be used both in conjunction with imc CRFX-modules (forming blocks via the click connector), as well as in stand-alone operation, and with amplifiers and devices belonging to other device families such as imc CANSAS, imc C-SERIES, etc.

We offer you the complete solution for your current measurement consisting of data acquisition system, sensor supply and current transformer. Just contact us.

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