imc CANSAS Software – easy configuration

Easy to use and intuitive handling are characteristic of the free configuration software imc CANSAS, allowing the complete configuration of imc CANSAS modules and measurement amplifiers. But what does configuration of the imc CANSAS module encompass? It specifies for instance which type of sensor is connected, and, if sensors with TEDS are detected, automatically parameterizes measurement modules. Furthermore, pre-processing and creation of virtual channels are conducted and multiple modules can be synchronized.

When running the imc CANSAS configuration software on your PC, you choose your preferred PC-to-CAN bus interface according to your application—such as USB-CAN adapter or one of imc’s CAN-equipped devices, like imc BUSDAQ. Thus, by means of your CAN-equipped device and the imc CANSAS configuration software on your PC, you can reliably configure the connected imc CANSAS modules.

The memory effect:
Once configured, the imc CANSAS modules store their settings in onboard flash memory. This saves time and simplifies routine work. Whenever power is applied, the modules start their tasks automatically, such as data acquisition, or output of setpoint values. A user-defined multi-color LED is used to indicate the imc CANSAS module’s operational status.

Interface capability: COM™ libraries and LabVIEW VI™:
Efficient system integration is crucial when it comes to test stand and other dedicated test environments. Therefore, the imc CANSAS software includes such interfaces as COM™ libraries and LabVIEW VI™. Regarding information exchange, export is possible in the following formats: imc’s cba-format (CAN-bus assistant) and the standard CAN-database format (.dbc), as well as in XML.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.