Current measurement with imc

Whether for power measurement, consumption measurement or analysis of charging processes: high-precision current measurement is often required when testing hybrid and electric vehicles. With imc CRONOSflex, a comprehensive solution is available. The modular concept can be adapted to a wide variety of tasks and channels. Isolated amplifiers for measurements with current clamps, current transformers and shunts ensure precise results. And via the "CRFX/SEN-SUPPLY-4" supply module, fluxgate current clamps and transformers can be supplied directly from the measuring system. This simplifies the measurement setup, especially in mobile applications. In addition, we offer a coordinated selection of high-precision current transformers especially for e-mobility tests.

At a glance

Current Transducers / Clamps

Advantages of current transformers

  • inherently isolating:
    non-isolated amplifier is enough
  • high bandwith:
    approx. 100 kHz, with fluxgate: 1 MHz
  • load circuit remains intact
    folding clamp or straight-through transformer
  • high signal levels:
    robust and resistant to interference,
    approx. 10 V; with Ultrastab: min. 1 V
  • active sensor technology:
    Sensor supply with high power
    provided by the imc system

Fluxgate Current Transducer 50 ... 1000 A

This model series of galvanically isolated current transducers offers active sensors for current measurement up to 1000 A, which are particularly suitable for use with the sensor supply SEN-SUPPLY-4. The supply module feeds the current transducers and couples out a resulting voltage signal via LEMO-1B sockets. For measurement, any imc voltage amplifier modules can then be connected via "patch cables", with automatic sensor detection and scaling supported via TEDS.


Flux Gate Current Clamps 20 ... 1000 A

The CT68 series offers high-precision AC/DC current transducers with a wide operating temperature range and large back diameters. The voltage output can be directly measured via imc measurement amplifiers. Supply power is provided by the SEN-SUPPLY-4 sensor supply.

 IT 65DS 50 IDIT 205DS 600 IDIT 405IN 1000
60 A50 A
75 A
200 A600 A
900 A
400 A1000 A
Peak85 A150 A283 A1000 A566 A1400 A
Bandwidth800 kHz1000 kHz1000 kHz500 kHz300 kHz440 kHz
@power down
 CT68 41CT68 43CT68 44CT68 45CT68 46
Rated AC_rms/DC
20 A
20 mm
200 A
20 mm
500 A
20 mm
500 A
50 mm
1000 A
50 mm
Max_rms40 A rms400 A rms500 A rms500 A rms1000 A rms
Peak57 A570 A1000 A1000 A1700 A
Bandwidth1 MHz500 kHz200 kHz100 kHz20kHz



The SEN-SUPPLY-4 module provides a powerful supply of ±15 V to operate four current transducers. In particular, it is designed for use with modern fluxgate current transducers. These are offered by imc as sensor accessories and represent a complete solution together with the suitable imc measuring amplifiers.

As a passive module, the supply can be combined with any type of measuring amplifier, whereby the connection to the amplifier inputs is made by means of patch cables (LEMO.1B).

The application is possible both clicked together in combination with imc CRONOSflex modules, as well as stand-alone with measuring amplifiers of other imc series such as imc CANSAS, imc C-SERIE, etc.

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