Wheel telemetry for fast acquisition of brake temperatures

Munich, 08 March 2017 – CAEMAX Technology GmbH has developed a new system for wireless temperature measurement on vehicle wheels. The system is based on CAEMAX Dx telemetry and measures up to four thermocouples on one wheel. With a sampling rate of 200 Hz, even highly dynamic temperature gradients can be precisely examined during brake tests. A robust housing (IP67) reliably protects against wind and weather. Using a mounting plate, the telemetry unit can be attached quickly and securely to the vehicle's wheel bolts, thus ensuring that nothing stands in the way of even the toughest applications on the test track. Thanks to a powerful rechargeable battery, up to 50 hours of operation with only one charge is possible.

All measurement signals are digitized directly on the wheel in the transmitter electronics and transmitted telemetrically via mirror antennas to the receiver unit inside the vehicle. Up to four wheels (transmitter units) can be acquired synchronously with only one receiver. In addition, a convenient system check with remote-controlled encoder breakage detection is available. Additional channels, such as battery voltage and internal housing temperature, make it easier to constantly monitor the transmitters.

In addition to wheel telemetry for temperature measurements with type J or K thermocouples, there are further variants for acceleration measurements (IEPE sensors) and strain measurements (strain gauge bridges).

Via analog outputs and a digital CAN interface, telemetry systems can be integrated quickly and easily into existing measurement technology. This is particularly convenient with imc measurement systems, which not only synchronously acquire telemetric data and all other sensor signals, including field and vehicle buses, but also processes and stores them in real time. They also offer, for example, a wide range of networking options for transferring measurement data directly into a cloud.

Additional information: http://www.imc-berlin.com/dx-wheel-telemetry

About CAEMAX (manufacturer)

CAEMAX Technology, based in Munich, Germany, is a competent supplier of technologically leading measurement systems, solutions and services for R&D and test departments in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries worldwide. The scope of products and services basically contains self-developed sensors and measurement systems – currently, amongst others, in the sectors telemetry and automotive sensors. Highest quality of products and services and a reliable, comprehensive solution to the specific measuring tasks of our customers are our particular objectives. This also includes software and customized engineering services.