From big data to smart data

Analyze huge quantities of data with imc FAMOS 7.0 

In the new signal analysis software version, imc FAMOS 7.0, the priority has been placed on efficiency – improved measurement data analysis and presentation means gains in productivity for the user. Accurately filtering out, analyzing and visualizing results (Smart Data) from enormous amounts of test data (Big Data) is the key to reaching your measurement goals. This productive analysis tool plays a crucial role. “With the new 64 bit version of the signal analysis software, imc FAMOS 7.0, we made many significant changes that allow for the operation processes to mesh more smoothly when it comes to data analysis, thus, allowing our customers to turn Big Data to Smart Data”, says Stefan Hippe, head of imc FAMOS development.


With its customizable GUI, imc FAMOS 7.0 has been precisely designed to meet the changing requirements of test and measurement technicians. By simply using Drag & Drop, tool windows can be freely positioned allowing for an optimized workspace.

Two unique features of the new imc FAMOS 7.0 version are the direct integration of the imc Data Browser and imc Panel within the user interface: easily load measurements at the push of a button, quick viewing and comparing of measurements, flexible representations of the test data, comparing measurements against reference curves, create custom displays with curve windows, dialogs and stored evaluation sequences - all these added functions now make data analysis even simpler. Additionally, the imc Curve Window also delivers new functionality - for example, the display of GPS data on a map. In the new version 7.0, the map data is loaded automatically from the internet.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.