Robust, fast and modular measurement system for telemetric or wired applications

Berlin, 26 June 2018 – At the SENSOR+TEST 2018 trade fair in Nürnberg, Germany, KMT - Kraus Messtechnik GmbH together with imc Meßsysteme GmbH presented their new MTP-NT multi-channel measurement system. The system is characterized by a completely modular design and can be used both in stationary and telemetric configurations. It consists of a controller module, an inductive supply unit and freely combinable sensor modules. With two basic module types, one universal for voltage, strain gauge and IEPE sensors and one temperature module for thermocouples and PT100/1000, all typical sensors can be acquired. Depending on the task, the user can combine the modules to suit the number and type of sensors and form a customized system with up to 256 channels.

Thanks to its small size and robust design, the telemetry is particularly suitable for applications on rotating shafts or parts. Typical applications include testing of axles, drives, brakes or gear shafts. The system is designed to work for years in continuous operation under the most difficult conditions, such as on the wheelsets of trains. If the telemetry is wired, it also constitutes a particularly robust and distributable measurement system. It is ideal for measurements in harsh environments with limited space, such as in the engine compartment of a vehicle.

The modules of the MTP-NT can be placed close to the sensors and be interconnected over longer distances of up to 10 m via a wired digital bus, robust against interference. Up to 128 modules (256 channels) can be controlled with a single MTP-NT controller module. Each sensor module is available as a 2-channel or 4-channel version and is equipped with signal conditioning, anti-aliasing filters, 18-bit A/D converters and a digital output. With sampling rates of 100 kHz per channel, even highly dynamic vibration signals can be precisely acquired.

The output of the MTP-NT controller is a serialized PCM signal which is modulated for wireless transmission and can be transmitted inductively over distances of up to 50 mm. It is designed for data rates up to 10 Mbps.

In permanent installations, for example in test benches or production facilities, MTP telemetry uses an inductive power supply and can operate without interruption over a longer period of time. The supply voltage is transmitted without contact by means of a stationary inductive head and a receiving coil on the rotating component.

In holistic testing of vehicles, wind turbines and machines, it is often necessary to capture additional measurement variables other than telemetry data. With an imc measurement system, users have a fully integrated solution at their disposal. The MTP-NT can be digitally connected to the measurement system via a telemetry interface. Whether telemetry data, analog sensor signals or field and vehicle buses: all relevant test data converge synchronously in the imc system. There they can be further processed and analyzed in real time. Various networking options allow the data to be made available to a higher-level system, a controller or a cloud.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.