New Version 7.4 of imc FAMOS analysis software – Takes only seconds to view gigabytes and create Apps

Berlin, 14 March 2019 – The new Version 7.4 of the data analysis software imc FAMOS is now available. Version 7.4 offers numerous improvements for more efficient and faster operations. The display and navigation of large data sets in the curve window has been significantly accelerated. The creation of evaluation sequences is also easier with new code folding, extended syntax highlighting and new search options. In addition, functions for integrating and remotely controlling Excel have been comprehensively expanded. Completely new usability scenarios result from the option to choose your own imc Panels as the exclusive user interface and thus create individual “imc FAMOS Apps”.

Faster display of large data sets and even better project management

The new imc FAMOS Version 7.4 supports the new file format .imc3, which forms the foundation for efficient handling of large data sets. This allows data sets with gigabytes of measurement data to be displayed in the curve window at lightning speed.

The projects, the central management tool of imc FAMOS, which summarizes all important files, are now even more comprehensive. Important import/export files such as ASCII/EXCEL import configurations, export templates and import filters are now automatically saved in the project and are available with a single click.

Individual user interfaces and evaluations with imc FAMOS Apps

To make it easier for an end user to edit specific tasks, user-specific dialogs can be created in Version 7.4 using the Panel function. This allows users to work within a protected and unchangeable dialog environment. The creation of such an “imc FAMOS App” hides the access to the complex imc FAMOS environment and the user moves exclusively within his own app. In addition, evaluation algorithms, sequences and screens can be protected by a password.

Developer tools with user-friendly improvements

The Sequence Editor has also been equipped with numerous improvements that simplify the creation and validation of FAMOS script code. The development environment has a folding of code blocks and extended syntax highlighting. The search function has been improved by allowing regular expressions to be used for searching, marking all matches in the text and providing a list of recently searched or replaced patterns. In addition, the Sequence Editor now has a drag & drop function for code and extended selection functions for code sections.

More new functions

Among the additional new features in imc FAMOS Version 7.4 is the improved interaction with MS Excel, which is still an important tool for many users. Excel files can be integrated and remotely controlled via a comprehensive set of functions. Other user-friendly improvements include the labeling of the curve window, the cutting of data sets, a speech output (“text-to-speech”), the preservation or propagation of meta-information of variables during calculations and various function enhancements.

A comprehensive list of all the latest features can be found at: