Inexpensive Start to Noise and Vibration Analysis

imc WAVE Starter Pack with full functionality

Berlin, 02  November 2020 –

imc Test &Measurement GmbH presents the imc WAVE Starter Pack. The Starter Pack consists of imc WAVE measurement data software bundled together with a USB measurement amplifier and microphones or vibration sensors. As a result, technicians and engineers have a complete package that provides an inexpensive start to the analysis of noise and vibration, and to perform fundamental analyses.

imc WAVE Starter Pack gives the user everything he or she needs to start performing noise and vibration analysis inexpensively. It contains imc WAVE, a powerful tool for data analysis, as well as low-cost USB hardware for data acquisition. The Starter Pack “Noise” also contains either one or two IEPE microphones, while the “Vibration” pack includes either one or two IEPE acceleration sensors.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.