On land, on water or in the air - the imc CRONOS measuring systems in use

The imc CRONOS measuring systems enable an almost infinite range of applications. With features such as a modular design that can be adapted to various test requirements, the imc CRONOS measuring systems are highly flexible. Today we are presenting you a selection of the most typical customer projects realized with imc CRONOS data acquisition systems.

With a cumulative sampling rate of 2000 kS/s per system and up to 100 kS/s per channel, the imc CRONOS systems can synchronously acquire a wide variety of sensors and signals, analog and digital data, field buses, audio or video data.

At the same time, imc CRONOS systems can be networked so that thousands of channels can be recorded synchronously. imc CRONOS-XT also features protection class IP67 and MIL standard as protection against dirt, dust and water.

The most typical and demanding projects from our customers are the best examples of the demanding measuring tasks that can be realized with the imc CRONOS measuring systems - from mobile and distributed measuring to automated control of test benches of a development center.

Mobile automated measurement data acquisition on off-road vehicles in harsh environments
Save time during endurance testing - Mobile and automated acquisition and analysis of vehicle vibrations

Multi-channel distributed measurements and real-time evaluation on rail vehicles
Joint-Debugging at High-speed lines

Commissioning and safety test in rail vehicle and aviation technology
New Wuppertal sky train: commissioning tests
Aircraft certification testing with imc solutions

Digital Transformation in Test Bench Technology
Automation of multiple test stands