New Profinet for imc CRONOS Data Acquisition Systems

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An optional Profinet interface is now available for devices of the imc CRONOS measuring system family - imc CRONOScompact, imc CRONOSflex and imc CRONOS-XT. Working as a Profinet IO device, imc CRONOS data acquisition systems can be used even better in current applications of process and test stand automation, in machine monitoring and in condition monitoring.

Profinet is a communication path that is used in device diagnostics and condition monitoring applications for devices, machine and system parts. Furthermore, the Ethernet-based fieldbus allows easy access via IO-Link to extensive sensor data as well as to an automation or measuring system.

Since its introduction, Profinet has established itself as a communication standard of the real-time capable Industrial Ethernet. It is now considered a standard in the automotive industry, and Profinet is widely used in mechanical engineering. Profinet has also laid a foundation for Industry 4.0 applications, whereby the openness for TCP/IP and the technology based on standard Ethernet were already assessed years ago as particularly future-proof and powerful for new solutions.

The new PROFINET IRT Interface for imc CRONOS measurement systems allows bidirectional data exchange in real time and has been implemented in accordance with conformance class CC-C. It thus supports real time functionality, particularly through mechanisms of synchronization (PTP) and reserved bandwidth (IRT; isochronous real time). As a result, imc CRONOS becomes a fully fledged IO device physically coupled to the control network through two dedicated RJ45 terminals. The new Profinet Interface is available for imc CRONOScompact, imc CRONOSflex and imc CRONOS-XT.

imc CRONOS is a modular, high-end measurement device platform for physical quantities. imc CRONOS devices are designed for measurement tasks that are demanding and require multiple channels. In process and test stand automation applications, in machine monitoring or in condition monitoring, imc CRONOS data acquisition systems with PROFINET-IRT interface can be used to implement flexible MSR solutions (measurement-control-regulation). Thanks to the new Profinet interface, the imc CRONOS family of measurement devices now have even better networkability and functionality for data exchange in Industrial Ethernet applications, such as in industrial controllers, PLCs or tooling machines.

More information can be found on our website about fieldbus integration in imc data acquisition systems and networked imc solutions.

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