imc Test & Measurement purchases KMT Kraus Messtechnik

| telemetry

imc continues to extend its expertise in the area of telemetric data acquisition. With the signing of an agreement on Tuesday, 3 November 2020, Martin Kraus, Chief Executive Officer and owner of KMT Messtechnik GmbH, and Kai Gilbert, Managing Director of imc Test & Measurement GmbH, sealed the sale of KMT to imc.

Kai Gilbert, Managing Director of imc, states:

“With the purchase of KMT we are driving forward the complete integration of KMT telemetry into imc measurement systems. This makes imc the only measurement technology manufacturer on the market to offer its customers a completely integrated solution for telemetric measurement data acquisition.”

Martin Kraus, CEO of KMT Kraus Messtechnik GmbH, expressed his satisfaction:

“Our collaboration with imc since 2017 has brought enormous gains to KMT customers. They attain a comprehensive solution for their measurement and monitoring tasks more simply, faster and more economically. Using the digital interface that we developed together with imc, users can directly connect KMT telemetry to imc measurement systems and achieve comprehensive test solutions – without needing to bother about data formats or synchronization. We see further added value in imc’s worldwide service and sales team that is now also on hand to provide help and advice for KMT customers.” 

KMT Kraus Messtechnik GmbH has vast expertise in the area of telemetric data acquisition. KMT has been developing and producing telemetric solutions for the world market for 40 years. Since 2017, imc and KMT have been working together in partnership. KMT products complement imc’s range of solutions through digital modular telemetric systems for the railway and aerospace industries, as well as for industrial applications.  Collaboration between imc and KMT extends from joint sales activities through to cooperation in the development of solutions. An interface providing the digital and synchronous connection of imc measurement systems with KMT telemetric systems has already arisen out of this cooperation.

Martin Kraus remains CEO of KMT Kraus Messtechnik GmbH and continues to bring his many years of experience and his expertise to the company.