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Current challenges for test and measurement solutions in e-mobility

Design, development and manufacture of electric vehicles are facing the test and measurement departments with a growing variety of challenges.

The high voltages in the battery and vehicle supply systems, the characteristics of the powertrain, faster driving dynamics as well as evaluation of vibration and noise require reliable and trouble-free measurement solutions.

As a manufacturer and solution provider of productive test and measurement systems, imc presents solutions for testing the efficiency and safety of battery and battery management systems, the powertrain and ancillary units, and for testing components, such as brake systems, for their function and service life.

The imc DAQ systems, software solutions and test benches, together with our expertise and many years of experience, form the basis of our innovative solutions for testing in the e-mobility environment.

How will the energy storage systems of the future be tested?

For the operation of powerful electric motors, the conventional 12 V or 48 V vehicle supply systems are not sufficient, as the currents and thus the required cable cross-sections would be too large. Energy storage systems with currently 600 to 800 V and beyond are required. This requires measurement technology that can reliably measure high voltages and currents. In addition, even small voltages, such as single battery cells or mV-range signals of temperature sensors need to be measured precisely and reliably when riding on high voltage potential.


New requirements for the electric powertrain

Crucial in the development of new powertrain technologies or electric motors is the system efficiency of e-vehicles - meaning the electrical vs. mechanical power measurement. The three common motor types are the asynchronous machine (ASM), the current-excited synchronous machine (SSM) and the permanent magnet synchronous machine (PSM). Although the PSM motor type is currently the most commonly used, the ASM and SSM type drives will tend to gain increasing acceptance on the market because they do not require rare-earth magnets. Other advantages are the simple design of the machines and their overload capacity. Learn more about what measurement and analysis solutions are available for optimally aligning the motor and the power inverter to achieve the best possible performance with maximum efficiency.


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Vehicle dynamics: increased perfomance and test requirements due to e-mobility!

New electric vehicle concepts open up a new level of dynamics thanks to the high acceleration capability and the full torque of the electric drive from zero speed. With e-mobility, the vehicle dynamics concepts have to be rethought. On the one hand, the lower power density of the battery systems changes the vehicle mass and its distribution. On the other hand, each wheel's torque can be individually controlled. The recuperation of braking energy also changes the braking systems design and behavior. This increases the loads on the various components and on the entire vehicle. Vehicle dynamics tests are also a vital part of the development process for electric vehicles.

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Get your seat at the E-Mobility Webinar

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