Integrated Component Test Stands

Test stands for electro-mechanical components: efficient and integrated solutions based on imc CRONOS and imc STUDIO

Systematic test of electro-mechanical components and products is an important task that product engineers have to face in development departments, with longterm endurance testing, or in end-of-line mass production scenarios. What is needed in these cases, are component test stands that are capable to quickly and easily adapt to changing test requirements.

To find efficient and cost-effective solutions, the entire life cycle of a test stand has to be considered. From rapid implementation to trouble free operation that ensures high throughput to easy maintainability. Adaptations and extensions should be supported fast and easliy - and if possible without the need to involve extensive pre-gramming by software development or ecen external service providers.

To meet these manifold requirements, an integrated solution his highly preferred, based on flexible components in terms of hardware and software. imc CRONOS and imc STUDIO offer a perfect solution for this task. They allow to easily realize test stand applications of various scales for components not only for automotive, but from any possible field and industry.


imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.